GT Radial Brand Ambassador is the Owner of the Valentino Racing School Drift School in BSD

Brand Ambassador GT Radial Ini Merupakan Owner Sekolah Drift Valentino Racing School di BSD

Valentino Ratulangi is a versatile racer who excels in Slalom, Drifting, and also Touring race,



Besides being good at racing, Valentino Ratulangi also has another hidden talent, which is being a host on a You Tube channel that reviews tires, rims, and modifications.

"I am learning. I became "Om Otto "on that channel," smiled Valentino as GT Radial Brand Ambassador.


Apart from all of its sophistication and prowess, he also has a drifting school called Valentino Racing School which located in BSD, Tangerang. All students are required to use GT Radial tires during practice.