GT Radial and Daihatsu Share Driving Tips During Rain

GT Radial dan Daihatsu Berikan Tips Berkendara Saat Hujan

The final batch of educational talk show to Daihatsu Friends throughout Indonesia. This time, Daihatsu and GT Radial discussed about driving techniques which include handling of aquaplaning during rainy season. This event was broadcast virtually through Instagram Live channel at @daihatsuind on Saturday, November 14, 2020.


Mr. Zulpata from GT Radial explained that tires are the most important factor in facing aquaplaning conditions. Even though the tires have passed various stringent tests, including those which intended for wet road conditions, the driver still has to check the condition of the tires during the rainy season.


“The tread pattern on the tire is where water evacuates when passing through a puddle. If the tires are 1. not inflated to the right air pressure or 2. bald, there is a greater risk of slippage. Even though the tires do not have expiration date, they must still be properly maintained by paying attention to the air pressure. This will give the tire longer tread life, "said Zulpata.



The excitement of the talk grew with the topic of aquaplaning during rainy season where tires loses traction when passing puddle at high speed and give the car the effect of floating around over the water for the driver. Aquaplaning might cause accidents when it is raining, because the driver misrepresents this condition.