Using Champiro SX2, Demas Agil Wins 1st Place in ITCR Max ISSOM National Championship

Menggunakan Champiro SX2, Demas Agil Raih Juara 1 ITCR Max Kejurnas ISSOM

Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia racer, Demas Agil, won the ITCR Max 2022 National Championship on Sunday (6/11/2022) in a race that lasted for 12 laps at the Sentul International Circuit, Bogor, West Java.


The success of Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia in this championship proves that the research and development carried out by all parties throughout this season has generated extraordinary results, especially for the GT Radial Champiro SX2 tires, which have proven to be able to compete in every lap and excel in the fierce competition that happened on the track.


The continuous development of the Champiro SX2 made the performance of the tires used by Demas Agil during the championship series better, and was able to produce the best performance. The successful performance of the GT Radial R&D team cannot be separated from the good cooperation with the Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia Team.