GT Radial Celebrates Stellar Victory in the Grand Finale of the 2023 Autokhana National Championship

GT Radial Rayakan Kemenangan Gemilang di Grand Final Kejuaraan Nasional Autokhana 2023.

Crowning National Champions

The final round of the MLD Spot Autokhana National Slalom Championship came to an exhilarating close on Saturday evening, October 21, 2023, at the Sport Center Arena in Bandung, West Java. Witnessed by a captivated audience of thousands, the event culminated in the crowning of national champions across multiple classes and categories. A particularly gripping duel unfolded in Class F (Modified) where two stalwarts of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia (TGRI) team faced off. Ultimately, it was Anjasari Wahyu from TGRI who clinched the championship title for Class F. In an impressive finale, Anjasari Wahyu bested competitors Adrian Septianto HRVRT, Demas Agil RART, Herdiko TGRI, and Adrianza Yunial TGRI.


Esteemed Sponsors and Special Guests

Made possible by the generous support of MLD Spot, GT Radial, TMO, and other esteemed sponsors, the event was masterfully orchestrated by Genta Auto and Sport. Featuring two preliminary heats and a night-time final heat on a concrete track, the championship consistently draws significant attention from the Bandung community, attracting a total of 160 starters this season. Adding to the grandeur of the occasion, Ananda Mikola, Deputy General Chairperson of the Central IMI for car sports, graced the event. Accompanied by Gerry Rosanto, Chairman of the Central IMI Slalom Commission, Mikola took the opportunity to commend the exceptional organization by promoter Genta and to acknowledge the palpable excitement among spectators and participants alike.