GT Radial and CALSIC Lead Environmental Care Initiative

GT Radial dan CALSIC Pimpin Inisiatif Perawatan Lingkungan

Championing Environmental Sustainability

On December 10, 2023, GT Radial joined forces with the CALSIC (Calya Sigra Community) community, part of the Toyota Owner Community and Daihatsu Community, to launch the 'Care for the Earth' campaign in Situ Pondok Jagung, South Tangerang City. This initiative reflects the shared commitment of GT Radial and CALSIC to sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Cultivating Community Involvement

Embracing the global Sustainable Development Goals, GT Radial and CALSIC spearheaded a clean-up activity, garnering notable enthusiasm and raising environmental awareness. The event saw active participation from local visitors and Calsic members, with 25 representatives contributing from dawn till noon. Their collective efforts resulted in the collection of 8 bags of plastic waste, totaling 5kg.

Making a Tangible Impact

The campaign's success was evident in the significant amount of plastic waste gathered and properly disposed of. "This positive endeavor aligns perfectly with CALSIC's objectives. We are hopeful that our collaboration with GT Radial will drive meaningful change for a better future," stated Nuryanto (Cayo), General Chair of Calsic Indonesia. This campaign marks a pivotal step towards inspiring community-led environmental care.