GT Radial Champiro Luxe Successfully Won Top Innovation Choice Award 2020

GT Radial Champiro Luxe Berhasil Memenangkan Top Innovation Choice Award 2020

PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk as a tire manufacturer for passenger and commercial vehicles under the GT Radial brand won an award for passenger car tire category, namely Champiro Luxe in the Top Innovation Choice Award 2020 event which was held on Thursday, August 6, 2020 virtually .  GT Radial is considered successful in creating innovations in products or services based on three aspects, namely Innovation Idea, Innovation Advantage, and Innovation Differentiation Aspect. In addition, GT Radial also won this award based on the results of the Top Innovation Choice Index 2020 survey conducted by Tras N Co, in January - March 2020, of approximately 200 companies / brands surveyed in Indonesia. This survey was conducted using a Qualitative approach, by conducting Desk Research to find out media coverage issued by each company regarding innovations in the products and services created. 


This award was obtained as a form of breakthroughs and innovations made by GT Radial, such as launching the Champiro Luxe tire which can help fuel efficiency and is a tire with low noise. In addition, the GT Radial Champiro Luxe is also designed with an asymmetrical tread pattern that provides good traction on wet and dry roads. The superiority of GT Radial Champiro Luxe tires is also trusted and chosen to be the OEM tire of Toyota Innova.