GT Radial Returns A Winner in MLDSpot Slalom National Championship 2021 Final Round!

GT Radial Kembali Berjaya di Ronde Final MLDSpot Kejurnas Slalom 2021!

The MLDSport Slalom National Championship 2021 round 3 was held at the Lanud Gading Air Base Circuit, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta last Saturday (12/18/2021). This round became the final racing ground for the 2021 Slalom national champions while at the same time proving ground for both Champiro SX2 and Champiro GTX Pro, as the best, reliable winning tires for the national champions in the most competitive and prestigious class F (modification) categorty. GT Radial Champiro SX2 and Champiro GTX Pro tires proved reliable on Agya GR Sport which lead Adrianza Yunial to sweep the P1 class F trophy.


The long awaited Slalom event, which adhered to the super strict health protocols was live streamed.GT Radial Champiro SX2 and Champiro GTX Pro had consistently lead Adrianza Yunial and the Toyota Team Indonesia (TTI) team to clean up F class title for all 3 rounds throughout 2021.


GT Radial's success doesn't end here. At the Women's Class National Championship, Alinka Hardianti also led Alinka to become the women's national champion. And in class A1 was able to accompany Valentino Ratulangi as runner up in that class.


Congratulations to GT Radial, Congratulations to all the winners.